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Mario W. Einsman, M.S., LICSW, LMFT
Mario W. Einsman, M.S., LICSW, LMFT

Families and Couples Counseling, Individual Therapy, Certified Hypnotist.

Richard N. Cocker, M.S., Licensed Psychologist
Richard N. Cocker, M.S., Licensed Psychologist

Assessments for Children & Adults: IQ, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Dementia, Memory Loss, and Mental/Emotional Disabilitiy. Individual Counseling for Adults.

Jodie Szewczyk, M.A., Psychological Practitioner
Jodie Szewczyk, M.A., Psychological Practitioner

As a counselor with 15+ years experience, I provide successful counseling to individuals, couples/families and groups. Focusing particularly on depression, anxiety/stress, eating disorders, grief/loss, relationship issues and parenting. I also provide assessments and treatment for anger management and domestic violence.

Andrea Essar, M.S., Counseling Practitioner
Andrea Walski, MS, LPC

Effective counseling for depression, anxiety, and sexual abuse. Specializing in Hypnotherapy and recently certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. For more information on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, please see her website  .

Tricia Semling, M.S., L.P.C.C.

Offering general counseling to individuals, couples and families. Special interests include: Child and adolescent emotional and behavioral issues, depression and anxiety, anger and stress management, holistic wellness as well as nutritional and complementary treatments to mental health issues. Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Carmen Berzinski
Carmen Berzinski, MSW, LADC, CSAC, LGSW

I am committed to providing respectful, client-centered counseling to couples, families, children and individuals throughout their lifetimes. My Mission is to meet each person, wherever he or she is in life, and to provide effective mental health intervention that builds on the strengths of the individual and the environment in which that person lives.

I use Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Play Therapy, and Trauma based work in various forms with clients to help them better understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I can help you to accept yourself with less judgment, learn new methods to calm within, work through unresolved feelings, and make the changes necessary to find self acceptance. I have professional experience in the following areas: Addiction in all forms, ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Couples Therapy, Cutting(Self-Injurious Behavior), Depression, Emotional and Behavior Disorders, Impulse Control Problems, Mood Disorders, PTSD, Parent/Child Relations, Personality Disorders, Relational Problems, and Self Esteem..

Morgan Gulbranson
Morgan Gulbranson, MA, Marriage & Family Therapist

I am dedicated to providing a safe, confidential, respectful atmosphere that progresses into open communication and self exploration in order to better understand thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I believe that by accessing our strengths we are better able to explore problems and implement strategies that will help live our lives to the fullest. In order to do so I utilize techniques from Solution-Focused Therapy, Psychotherapy (talk-therapy), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). My goal is to personalize therapy to meet the unique needs of each individual I work with in order to promote lasting therapeutic change and symptom relief.

This is your journey. This is your experience and I am simply here to listen, guide, and help you create the life you want to live. Together we can discuss and set reasonable goals, then develop a strategy to make the changes you want to see.

I work with individuals, couples, and families of all ages but I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. I am always learning & growing as a therapist and enjoy working with a variety of people. For more information about me, visit my website  .
Dan Lindenfeld
Daniel Lindenfeld, Counselor, MS, LPC

As a counselor I believe that when provided with respectful guidance, individuals can develop the resilience, wisdom and hope they need to take greater responsibility in their lives, work toward overcoming life challenges, and find more meaning and fulfillment in their relationships.

My journey as a counselor has been nourished by my own life experiences. In addition to being a retired Army veteran and a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am also licensed as a school counselor in the state of Minnesota. My therapeutic techniques incorporate elements of person centered, cognitive behavioral, existential and Adlerian theory. I offer effective individual and group based therapeutic treatment for adults and adolescents with the following mental health related concerns: anger management, anxiety, depression, ADHD, academic success, veterans’ issues, career planning and employment related concerns, relationships and parenting skills. Visit his website at:  

Ashley Hazeman
Ashley Hazeman, Counselor, MA

As a counselor I believe that everyone encounters challenges in life and at times we need help to address these challenges. I strive to provide support, guidance, and assistance to individuals when meeting these challenges. I understand each individual is different and try to customize the therapeutic experience to best meet the needs of each individual.

My experience in the mental health field varies. I have worked with mentally challenged and developmentally delayed individuals, children with developmental and behavioral challenges, and children with Autism Spectrum disorders. I often use cognitive behavioral and behavioral techniques during therapy. I also employ a variety of techniques from other therapeutic methods to best meet the needs of the client. I currently provide counseling for depression, anxiety, adjustment, mental health related concerns, job stress, and career changes. I provide counseling for children, adolescents, and adults. Visit her website at:  

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